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What My Clients Say



"I thought the prenatal care I received was wonderful. I felt the right questions were asked of me and that my concerns were tended to well. I found the appointments thorough. My prenatal appointments were definitely more personal and in depth than my hospital prenatals."
-Jane A.

"With every visit I believe I learned something new. You are very knowledgeable Sena, and can explain things very well (better than any care I’ve received elsewhere)."

"You are an excellent midwife. Your best quality is in your ability to relate information. Oh! And I mustn’t forget your “witty” comments!"

"Thank you for expert care and support, Sena. I hope I can use your services again!!"
-Arlene B

"I loved the prenatal care. It was personal – just for me and my baby. I got exclusive attention, guidance on how to care for myself (for good health for me and the baby) and lots of information on how the pregnancy was progressing. Because of this care I have a happy, healthy baby."

"This was my first labor & birth. Before labor I have to admit I was nervous about it. But being at home made a huge difference and Sena and Arian were caring and patient. The labor was difficult, so their attention and care throughout made a big difference."

"This has been a very special and enjoyable time in my life. I wouldn’t change anything about it. Just a million thanks. I never knew how special and important it was to bring a new person into the world. Thanks to Sena and Arian this was a very warm and personal experience."
-Tonya B

"Since I had a limited prenatal care I wasn’t sure if I’d feel adequate with the care I got, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Since I had come from a big company I liked the more intimate care/help I was receiving. I felt like the visits were more quality/quantity than I had received previously. There was a lot of help and understanding with options and such."

I was happy to have both of you that were knowledgeable and patient with me since it was my first baby. You both helped me to use my contractions to the best of their ability. I appreciated the time you both spent at my house, making labor a bit “easier” for me to deal with." -Durin Labot

"Postpartum care was awesome. I loved that you guys came out to my house to check on us. We were able to have lots of quality time for those first few weeks – instead of going out to the hospital or doctors. I know my mom was really impressed that you guys came out to the house as much as you did."

"The fees were very appropriate, considering my friend had her baby in the hospital for 10 times as much."

"I liked both of you because you had been through it and had pleasant experiences to share with me. Both of you did an exceptional job at making the birth experience an awesome time for me, Tom, my mom and Lars. The birth was better than I had imagined it. I would definitely do it again and tell people to try it if they can."
-Heather C

"We felt our prenatal care was wonderful. You spent plenty of time with us without ever making us feel rushed or put out. Every visit seemed very thorough and we never had any unanswered questions – in fact, we learned so much. We saw an MD for the first 20 weeks. Comparatively, you were much more caring and real! He always seemed superficial and fake and in a hurry. The most beneficial thing was that we felt completely ready for the birth and confident in our care due to the time you spent and knowledge you shared."

"The care during labor and birth was just as good as the prenatal. You came to my house early in the labor without hesitation because you sensed that I needed your support. I loved that all 3 of you stayed “in the shadows” for the most part enabling the experience to be “ours” as a family. Compared to my other birth, I felt this was more tailored for me, by me, more personal and comfortable. I’m especially glad I got to know you so well during prenatals, rather than having strange nurses."

"Postpartum is going well. The best thing is making informed choices for myself and my baby without pressure to “follow protocol” of the majority due to medical “norms” and expectations."
-Kymm c

"I was very happy about the quality of prenatal care that I received. I also think that my midwife spent plenty of time with me during each visit. I did not feel rushed during the visits and I felt that problems and questions that I had were fully dealt with when I brought them up. Compared with the care that I received at the hospital during an emergency visit, I felt that Sena cared about me and what happened to me and my baby. I also believe that Sena went above and beyond the call of duty by staying with me when I was in the hospital. I appreciate that she was there for me and that she saw my needs were met when the nurses were too busy."

"I feel that my expectations were fulfilled regarding the roles that the midwives played during my labor and birth. I expected emotional support to help me during the difficult times. I expected them to leave me alone or help me as I felt I needed. I received all of this. When I asked them to come during my labor they did, and they didn’t question whether or not I really needed them at the time."

"Although I had a difficult time accepting it before my daughter was born, I was very grateful for the “house arrest” for the first week of my postpartum period. I had the chance to bond with my daughter and get breastfeeding off to a good start, without feeling that I needed to get things done. It also gave me a chance to relax and recuperate from my birth."

"I found that the midwife’s encouragement during the final few minutes of the birth was very welcomed. She held a glass of OJ for me, she reminded me to blow out while the baby was crowning and she was just being quietly supportive. It stands out as a very nice memory. All of you were very helpful in this regard. I feel that the relationships that I formed with my midwives were part of what made my pregnancy a special time for me. I have very good memories of this time in my life – even of the times when I was grappling with personal issues regarding my then-impending motherhood."
-Casey E

"The quality of prenatal care I received was excellent and far surpassed any medical care I have received in the past. My husband and I met with Sena for our initial interview and found her to be very knowledgeable and caring, carefully answering every question we presented. In each visit thereafter she continued offering me as much time as I needed to ask questions and talk about any issues of concern. Often my visits were more than two hours long because of my ongoing concerns related to a previous cesarean section. Sena made me feel very comfortable and treated me as an equal, never talking down to me or breezing over things she thought I might not understand. Instead she carefully explained anything that might be confusing and took the time to educate me about my pregnancy and my choices regarding care."

"The most beneficial thing about my prenatal visits was having the time I needed to ask questions, feeling completely comfortable bringing up any concerns, and knowing Sena would always listen and give me her attention. Her continual reinforcement that my body was strong and healthy helped me to believe in my body again after a devastating c-section and ultimately to have a beautiful natural birth."

"Additionally I found the 5-day diet charts to be very helpful. Having to write down everything I ate was tiring but really helped me to evaluate my nutrition. All of Sena’s comments and suggestions regarding my diet helped me to eat better than I would have otherwise. Sena’s lending library of books was a wonderful resource for educating myself further. Also I loved that Sena included my daughter in the prenatal visits and made her feel connected to the baby by drawing a picture of its position on my belly and letting her listen for heart tones."

"The contrast between this experience and my previous experience with an OB , for my first pregnancy, is night and day. My visits must have averaged 10-15 minutes with the OB and I never felt my questions were of much importance, they were quickly and often vaguely answered."

"I cannot imagine a person better suited to guiding my husband and I through labor and birth than Sena. She was not intrusive or pushy but gently made suggestions for labor and birth positions that might be helpful. Her soothing manner was very calming during birth. It was obvious that Sena is a very skilled midwife from the way she handled the birth and delivery. She was prepared with all the necessary medical equipment, competently handling every situation that arose during the birth to ensure a positive outcome. She met and exceeded our expectations for a health care provider."

"I could never have imagined what a different feeling I would have giving birth at home as opposed to being in a hospital. The support I felt was incredible. I felt powerful, capable and surrounded by people who believed in the natural strength of my body. My decision to give birth at home was one of the best choices I have ever made. I thank Sena for supporting me in this empowering experience."

"I felt very well cared for during the postpartum period. I loved that Sena came to our home to check on the baby and me. It was wonderful not to have to leave the house during those first few days. The care we received was very thorough and it felt very individual to us, because Sena knew us so well and we had complete control of what we wanted. My experience in the hospital with my first baby was so different. I felt very disconnected from the care my baby and I were receiving. We were just patients receiving general care like everyone else. At that time I didn’t realize my power to choose what was done to us. I think most women feel this way giving birth in the hospital. Being at home makes it much easier to make your own choices especially with the support of a knowledgeable and informative midwife like Sena."

"The most helpful thing she did during this time was to reassure us through her careful checkups that we were doing well. It was also very helpful that she came to our home, giving us the opportunity to rest as much as possible. It’s amazing that this kind of care exists! If only women in the hospital realized what they were missing out on so many more births would take place at home."

"Before this pregnancy and birth I could never have imagined how beautiful, sacred and transforming this experience can be. With Sena as my midwife I felt my baby and I were treated with very special care. The attention that was paid to my health and nutrition was exhaustive. The birth classes were very informative and created a special time for my husband and I to focus on the coming birth of our baby. I could go on and on. You have most certainly met all your goals with our family. Thank you so much for helping us to have such a wonderful, healing birth experience."
-Diane W

"The time spent seemed far more appropriate than the time I’ve spent at OB/GYN offices. I never felt rushed with Sena – which is wonderful, because I always had enough time to relax and remember all the questions I wanted to ask. That’s not an experience I’ve EVER had with a physician of any sort. I always felt comfortable with any questions. I didn’t get the sense of being judged or lectured that I’ve gotten at visits with OBs."

"Sena did exactly what she said she would at the birth. She pretty much stayed back – checked me when appropriate and supported me when I needed it . . . Other than that; things were left to progress naturally. When my first daughter was born, every moment in the hospital felt like I was on some kind of clock, racing to the delivery line was not something my body was capable of. I never had the sense I had to hurry this time, which helped me to RELAX. The breathing coaching and reminders to keep my throat open helped immensely, AND I almost never had to wait for water! Yeah!"

"Everything seemed great. All my questions were answered and my son was well cared for. I never worried that exams would be too intrusive or uncomfortable for me or too invasive and traumatic for him."

"I’m happy. My baby boy’s happy. I can’t imagine anything better – and after my last birth experience that’s a downright miracle."
-Alex D

"Sena spent more than enough time with me and my partner. They covered everything. My personal relationship with Sena, her ability to listen and care, her beliefs about pregnancy and giving birth, not to forget her love for children. Number 1 - her belief in me provided the support I needed to make my home birth possible. Comparing care, other caregivers treated me in a degrading way; they were not as personal and did not give me the time my midwife did!"

"I received the most excellent care possible. You did more than fulfill your role – you exceeded my expectations. Your ability to understand my needs, expectations and personality and allowing me to be alone and supported at the same time was most helpful."

"Excellent postpartum care. What was most helpful was seeing Sena and Sara’s face walk through my door. And knowing that they were coming that day."

"I only found particularly pleasant things in my birth team! The sense of humor and acceptance they provided. The story telling – I especially liked it when Sena’s story about her own births and experiences answered my questions or concerns; it made me feel comfortable asking questions."

"I feel that at an extremely important and crucial time in a woman’s life, midwives are sending women down their path with the tools and encouragement that makes it possible for them to move forward with more of themselves instead of less. That makes a big difference in the woman’s life and in her whole being not to mention making a difference in the world – for it now has more whole women in it."
-Brenna H